मुटु खाने माया – बिस्नु माझी new song 2022, Mutu khane maya. new nepali dohori song video hd

Bisnu Majhi’s new song Mutu Khane Maya has come to the market, which has attracted a large number of viewers in a short period of time.  The lyrics / music of the song sung by Bishnu Majhi and Sundar Mani Adhikari are done by Sundar Mani.  Yes.

In this song composed with the words of love, the life of a person in love is depicted. When a person falls in love, then love is in his tongue as the greatest power in the world, love seems to dwell in his every step.  When a person starts his steps from someone’s love, then love seems to dwell in his every action, the same love is giving him a different kind of power.  In the song, she has said that when a person’s heart-eating person reaches the age of 16 or 17, he does not wear lauki.

In today’s society, the appropriate type of love song has come to the market from sapana music industries youtube channel.  Maya Lauki Nalau is said to be a perpetual love, which happens to older people as they get older, which is reflected in the song.  As a person grows older, he becomes more and more attracted to the opposite sex.

When people reach the age of 16-17, the search for their future and above all the age at which they are unable to control themselves, has been shown to be a double life.  Bisnu Majhi is a popular singer who is very popular in Nepali song music and has not been seen by anyone till today. She brings songs that match her life to the market.  The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however;

Lately, her songs with Sundar Mani Adhikari have been very popular. Her songs with Sundar Mani, a singer who has made a name for herself in the hearts of Nepali viewers, have been very popular.  It is said in the song that love that cannot be relied on at a young age, how to wear the love that an older person may or may not wear, when you reach the age of love, do not wear it.  She says that she is obsessed with heart-eating love, which is why she has to decide what to do with herself, how to fall in love with an older person, everyone is looking at her.

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