110 hotels were designated to quarantine foreigners, but the standards were not followed

The government has decided to ease the ban and allow international flights. At present, there are 3 to 4 international flights daily. Thus, 800 to 1000 passengers enter Nepal from 4 daily flights. Even though the passengers book hotel for quarantine when entering Nepal, not everyone has complied with the quarantine.

The government has designated 110 hotels for quarantine to keep those from abroad in quarantine. But some of those hotels have not complied with the quarantine criteria. Some passengers also book hotels but it has been revealed that they go directly to their destination from the airport. The government has allocated 110 hotels with more than 20 rooms for quarantine.

According to the criteria, the rooms of the hotel arranged for quarantine should be ventilated and the room should be sanitized before one guest stays and the other guest is accommodated. Except for star hotels, no more than 1,500 people can be taken daily.

According to the criteria, most of the hotels in Thamel, Bus Park and Sundhara, which are located between densely populated areas, are not recognized for quarantine. 27 big star hotels and 83 small hotels have been allowed to conduct quarantine by following the criteria.

Taare Hotel will be able to charge Rs 1,500 per day on the basis of mutual understanding with the customer and others. Those who have not been vaccinated must stay in the hotel quarantine. According to the hotel operators, the number of people canceling hotel bookings has started increasing after the people who entered Nepal left the airport due to hotel bookings. About 60 percent of bookings at quarantine hotels are canceled.

People with both doses and PCR negative do not need to be quarantined. However, those who have not been vaccinated have to stay in the hotel quarantine for seven days. In case of returning from foreign employment, they have to stay in quarantine for 5 days. There is a provision for action to be taken if the quarantine person and the quarantine hotel do not meet the criteria. But the government has not been able to monitor the quarantine person and the hotel where the quarantine is conducted.

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