13 ways to avoid corona

Laughter is not only psychologically happy, it also boosts our immune system. It can also be
taken as a natural vaccine. Just as some vaccines boost or boost our immune system, laughter and
happiness also work as vaccines for our bodies. It also increases the ability to fight disease.
It has been seen that even a member of the same household does not like corona. This is because
those whose immune system is strong do not get corona infection, those whose immune system
is weak are more likely to get corona. Therefore, we need to keep our immune system strong.
Laughter is also a great way to strengthen the immune system.

Similarly, another good way to strengthen the immune system is to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep
daily. Good sleep is like a vaccine for our body. The best time to get a good night’s sleep is
between 8 and 9 in the evening and waking up between 4 and 5 in the morning. Take a cold
shower as soon as you wake up if you don’t have a cold or asthma problem. Because cold water
also boosts the body’s immune system. Then squeeze one or two glasses of warm water and eat a
lemon. Vitamin C acts as a corona vaccine. Similarly, sit in the sun for half an hour in the
morning. Sunbathing is like getting a vaccine because the sun gets vitamin D. People who are
deficient in vitamin D are more likely to be infected by the corona. So stay in the sun 15 minutes
in front and 15 minutes in the sun directly on the skin.

Exercise for one to one and a half hours daily as much as you need. Exercise also works to
strengthen the body’s immune system. Similarly, fruits, pulses including khosta, fish, meat, eggs,
milk etc. should be mixed in the daily diet.

The more stressed a person is, the lower the immune system, so laughter needs to be increased.
You have to get in the habit of laughing whether it is by watching cartoons or just as a joke.
Similarly, love is a good way to win the corona. It also works as a vaccine if you hug or hug a
family member daily. This is also called hugging therapy. Hugging for 15 seconds also boosts
the body’s immunity.

Positive thinking is also needed to stay mentally strong. Therefore, forgetting the enmity that has
existed till now and becoming positive, thinking is also a means to increase immunity. Similarly,
living with nature is also a good way.

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