180 million debt on the head of Dhurmus

Yesterday night Dhurmush and his team stop at Dhangadi and announced the donation for stadium dhurmus suntali foundation who is having hard time to collect funds for the construction of Gautam Buddha international stadium is on nationwide fund collection team since last week. He has started the tour from the far western part of nepal with his co worker Pade and few social workers as well as some friends, on his mission to collect funds from local people, he has been visiting local schools, organizations and local villages and towns asking for donations for the good cause. He is getting an overwhelmingly good response from the people and locals while is travelling from west to east. He is currently in kailali district.

Dhurmus talk about his 180 billion debt in his head to owner of the land where the cricket stadium is building is Bharatpur Metropolitan City. It covers the land of 20 bigha and 6 Khatta. It will be the national heritage and pride of our country Nepal. Its tenant is Nepal national cricket team. It occupies the capacity of 30,000 peoples. The entrance gate of the stadium shows the traditional Nepalese architecture which includes- Pathivara, Buddasubba, Halesi, Janakpurdham,Gadimai,Badimalika, Swayambunath,Pashupatinath,Bindabasini,Siddha Baba, Swarga dwari, Lumbini and so on which tries to reflects the whole Nepal at one glance. The whole stadium will be in the shape of Stupa where the cricket stadium only will look like as flowering Lotus flower. It will consist of four opening door.it will cover the land of 135 batch, through which viewer can view the match. The separate place will be made for the VIP persons that comes from from national and international Level. LED screen will be placed at different corners of the statidum so that the viewer as well as player will enjoy the match. Special for light will make the stadium so lightful that people can’t differentiate between the day and night. Media center will be opened and will be managed in a proper way to broadcast the news happening inside the cricket stadium. 

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