2 hours sleep, most of the time inside the bunker.

As Russia battles Ukraine, Russian President Jelensky Sirs is in Russia’s sights, even as Britain, the United States and NATO urge him to leave the country. According to the president’s wife, Olika Zeleska, he has been out for “a few days at a time in 3-4 days.”

She said that she always prayed to God for her husband’s concern and wished him a speedy victory over Ukraine. During the war between Ukraine and Russia, Ukrainian refugees fleeing the country have had a hard time surviving, even if they are far from bombs and ammunition. Marginity went to the border and provided various assistance to the Ukrainian refugees so that they would not have any problems. Since they do not know the language of Poland, everyone believes in it.

The Ukrainian military says at least 300 people have been buried in mass graves in the Russian-occupied capital, Bucha, with corpses in the streets, most of them shot in the back of the head during fighting between the two countries’ armies. Twenty subas have been found on the street, and the city has recently been recaptured by the Ukrainian army. The situation is becoming normal, Mayor Ihor Sapokochko, who has captured Behar Sagar in the east of the capital, said on television.

Russia, which is reducing its size of the offensive, says it is seeking control of eastern Ukraine and the south. Russia’s war on Ukraine has claimed the lives of many Ukrainian cities and civilians. Russia’s Snake Woman has been captured by war drones. Irina Stakoriva has been fighting against Ukraine since 2014. Has killed. Irina, who lost her two daughters and her husband, was seriously injured in the war and was being treated in Ukraine by the Ukrainian army after being released by the Russian army.

Jelensky is a comedian who has not lost a battle. He has not been in politics for a long time. He has been featured in the comedy TV series Servant of the People, about how to talk to the heads of state and what to do. After being made, he became the President. Jelensky, the all-time favorite on the television series, won with a 73.1% majority after being favored by the people for the presidency.

Opposition groups called for Jelensky’s election campaign to be televised, but his campaign was backed by television. He has denied that the comedian could invade the country, and that Jelensky, who is currently living in his home country and is constantly confronting Russia, has said that the United States will help him leave the country.

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