25 women abducted from airport disappear in Maiti Nepal,

Twenty-five Nepali women jailed in Sri Lanka for various reasons have been rescued and brought to Nepal. Maiti Nepal has detained the women in the style of abduction as soon as they arrived at the airport in Nepal. Even when the woman’s relatives tried to meet her, she was not allowed to do so. Also, some relatives have not been informed about their whereabouts. Thus, the relatives of the women and the organizations that are helping to rescue the women and bring them back to Nepal have expressed their dissatisfaction with the action of Maiti Nepal.

Many have tried to meet and talk to these women once. But some Maiti Nepal officials said the women should not be made public. Maiti Nepal brought the women directly to its office from the airport. In fact, Maiti Nepal did not rescue the women from the Sri Lankan jail. The victims were rescued and brought to Nepal through the initiative of relatives and some organizations. The relatives of the three have not reached Maiti Nepal to rescue the victims who have been serving their sentences in Sri Lankan jails for a long time. But after Maiti Nepal did not show any negligence, some of the relatives took the initiative on their own initiative while some were taken away by the media and organizations. Many have protested against Brother Nepal saying that it is inappropriate for Maiti Nepal to hide the abducted women in the style of abduction. A woman said that they had tried to meet the women saying that they would have to take responsibility if anything happened to them as they were released on bail before the Sri Lankan government.

The women, who arrived in Sri Lanka for foreign employment, were jailed by the Sri Lankan government for various reasons. Saying that their condition was critical, they were appealing to the family from jail to rescue them. After the tireless efforts of their relatives, the women have finally returned to Nepal. However, many have protested against Maiti Nepal’s anonymity, saying that some secrets are hidden.

The relatives had urged the Ministry of Labor and Maiti Nepal to take initiative for the rescue of the women. But since there was no process from anywhere, they tried to pull it out with the help of various media. According to the relatives of the victim, the Nepali ambassador to Bangladesh said that they would not face any problem after the death of two or four people. The relatives of the victim say that they stopped calling Maiti Nepal after she did not respond well even when she submitted a petition to Maiti Nepal chief Anuradha Koirala.

The husband of a woman who fell ill while in prison in Sri Lanka has not been able to visit his sick wife. Officials of Maiti Nepal have been saying that they will take care of whatever the problem is. Maiti Nepal is adamant not to make the victims public immediately saying that all arrangements will be made by the Ministry of Women.

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