2565th Buddha Jayanti

Today is the 2565th Buddha Jayanti, the full moon day of Baisakh Shukla. It is being celebrated by paying homage to Siddhartha Gautam, who was born as the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. As the birth, enlightenment and Mahaparinirvana (death) of the Buddha falls on the full moon day of Baisakh Shukla, Buddhists from all over the world, including Nepal, express their heartfelt reverence and devotion to the Buddha. No formal program has been organized on Buddha Jayanti this year due to the epidemic of Covid-19.

Buddhist monks, nuns, lamas, gurus and devotees in Chaityas, Gumbas and Bihars are celebrating Buddha Jayanti with prayers and prayers for peace.

Due to the Corona epidemic, no formal program has been organized at the Buddha’s birthplace this time, but monks, nuns, lamas, gurus, gurus and non-citizens are scheduled to worship at the Mayadevi temple where the Buddha was born and light lamps in the evening. According to Lumbini Development Fund Vice-Chairman Bhikkhu Metteya, only the program of peace prayers and lighting of lamps has been decided in view of the Corona epidemic.

The fund has stated that worship and prayers will be performed by maintaining a certain physical and social distance in full compliance with the directives issued for the prevention and control of corona. Member Secretary of the Fund Sanuraja Shakya said that the 2565th lamp will be lit at the Pushkarani Pokhari premises at the Mayadevi temple premises this evening.

This Pitaka, composed by Ananda, a disciple of the Buddha during the Nirvana period of the Buddha, contains the teachings of the Buddha from the first Sangeeti (Conference) of the Suttapitaka Buddhist monks. Vinayapitaka has rules made for monks and nuns, while Abhidhammapitaka has a collection of philosophical ideas.

Since the day of Buddha Jayanti on June 22, 2008, public holidays have been given on the occasion of this festival. A ban on killing and violence was announced in Lumbini on the day of Buddha Jayanti on March 22, 2012. A public holiday has been observed in the United Nations since 2002 on the birth anniversary of Lord Gautam Buddha, the pioneer of world peace.

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