Gandaki Chhadke reporter death due to Coron & Sitution in Pokhara

Infection of the second variant of Corona has been spreading widely in Nepal for the past few
weeks. The corona has infected people of all ages and even killed them. The first phase of corona
infection in Nepal did not have much effect. But the second variant has infected many and lost
many lives. Corona is seen especially in front line workers. Even journalists are not immune to
this Corona epidemic. So far, many journalists have been infected with the corona and some
have lost their lives.

Gandaki Chadke is the most popular program in Kaski district. Through this program, problems
in various fields are being raised. From political to social issues, the people of Kaski remember
Gandaki Chadke. Victims of every affliction have resorted to Gandaki Chadke as a behemoth to
knock on the door of justice. A tragic incident has taken place for all the people of Pokhara,
Kaski and all the journalists. Gandaki Chadke, who opened the package of the same problem, is
in trouble today. He himself is in pain. The problem is that he could not prevent his coworker
from getting a corona infection. The pain is due to the fact that his director and co-workers, who
were infected with the corona virus, could not be saved from death. That is why the whole family
of Gandaki is in tears today.

Popular media outlet Gandaki Chadke in Pokhara has died from corona. Journalist Ganesh
Poudyal died at the hospital on Thursday morning. According to the District Administration
Office, Kaski, 10 people died in Kaski on Thursday alone.
Poudyal, who was infected with the corona nine days ago, died of the corona on Thursday. He
was currently working as a director in Gandaki Chadke. Initially, he had reached the post of
director while reporting on the popular program Gandaki Chadke. The news of his demise has
disappointed all the people of Pokhara as well as the journalists.

Following the news of his death,journalists from all over the district stayed at the hospital premises all day. Also, many
journalists and other people came to the hospital premises to pay their respects to him.
He stayed in the hospital for nine days and was planning to return home and stay in the hotel
quarantine. He only went out one day a week for reporting. However, he could not remain
untouched by Corona’s infection. He shared his corona pain with many. Ganesh, who had been
saying that he would return home to normal life if he recovered, suddenly passed away on
Thursday. The hospital informed that he had respiratory problems at 5 am on Thursday.

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