3 Chinese fly in space to build space station

To complete its space mission, Chin successfully sent a team of three astronauts into space on Sunday. Accompanied by astronauts Chib Dom, Liyuan and Kaisuji, they were sent into space from the Zhuquan Satellite in Interwest China. The lab will be broadcast live across the country, according to Linxiki Yan, deputy director of the Chinese space agency CMSA, which will announce the launch of the International Machine Observatory. He said that by observing in two places, human beings can create an atmosphere for human habitation.

This is the second time China has sent an astronaut to Earth, after spending six months in space before returning to Earth, where they built parts of the space station. With the success of this task, China is considered to be the first country to have only its own space station. In 2003, China sent a manned spacecraft with 11 passengers on board, making it the first country in Asia to do so. Founded in 1993, China is a CNSA agency with a current annual budget of डलर 11 million. CNSA has succeeded in writing its name in the forefront of the world of science. Chin sent his own Lander and Orlander to China.

China, the number one country in Asia, has become the number four country in the world. Qian Xuesen, a Chinese scientist, first came to the United States in 1934 as a student and later as a scientist. He was an advisor to American scientists during World War II. When the search for American spies began in 1950, he was detained by the US government. At that time, one of the soldiers said that the biggest mistake was to send him to China.

China was pleased with the decision by the United States to repatriate a Chinese scientist, and the United States has set up a space shuttle team. Chinese President Mao Zedong announced the space program in 1958. Within a decade, the indigenous Sedelite Chin was launched, sending a message to the world. By doing what no one else in the world has done, China wants to show that it is the most powerful country in the world. India’s International Space Agency, also known as ISRO, was founded by renowned Indian scientist Bikram Saradhahi.

jaxa is a government research organization in Japan, which used to be divided into three parts. It has sent many spacecraft from Earth into space. The company has successfully launched its vehicles into space, successfully landing on Earth. The U.A.E, Asia’s first target region, successfully launched its Mars mission on July 19, 2020. Three types of instruments were connected to it to measure the complex atmosphere of Mars. It has sent rockets into Earth orbit.

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