3 Facts: sandeep Lamichhane goes to jail

Sandeep Lamichhane, the suspended captain of the Nepali cricket team, has been sent to jail for pretrial detention on rape charges. The court made an eight-page-long decision and based it on the three main points given in it. In the first number, the CCTV footage that went to Nagarkot resort is considered, in the second, the statement of the defendant including the health examination report of the victim is considered as the main basis.

Sandeep has been sent to jail for pre-trial detention by the district court in Kathmandu. Although Sandeep claimed that he did not rape, Sandeep’s lawyer argued that the girl who was the victim was not a minor. The police gave evidence that the girl’s age was 17 years, while the lawyer said that she was 18 years and 3 months when the incident happened. It is said that Sandeep will now be in Central Jail Sundhara. A similar process was seen in the case of actor Paul Sah, but later everyone changed their statements in the case of Paul Sah.

After the police investigation, the Lawyer filed the case in the district court after the investigation by the lawyers of both parties. The district court took the statement of both sides and took the case forward. In the case submitted to the court against Sandeep Lamichhane, 10 points have been submitted with concrete evidence. While 12 CCTV footage of the hotel has been submitted, 84 documents have also been submitted, out of which 6 are considered as the main evidence. The message sent by Sandeep in the name of Maya has also been included in the case, while the bill paid at the Nagarkot resort has also been submitted.

The equipment sent after lab check has also been submitted. Sandeep’s health protection and the girl’s complaint and statement have also been submitted to the police. It has been said that the statements of all the people involved in the incident have also been submitted. Kathmandu District Public Prosecutor’s Office has probably filed a charge sheet in the district court today. Sources said that the district public prosecutor’s office is about to file a charge sheet against Sandeep demanding a prison sentence of 10 to 12 years. Although the police submitted the investigation report before Tihar, they have prepared to register the charge sheet as the office will open from today after the holidays of Tihar and Chhath. If Sandeep is found guilty, he should be sentenced to prison and pay damages.

It was mentioned in the complaint that Lamichhane took a 17-year-old minor from Kathmandu to Nagarkot in Bhaktapur on August 1st, then on August 5th, Lamichhane stayed with the victim in a hotel in Kathmandu and raped her there. He informed me that after the medical examination, the victim was kept under the protection of the police. Lamichhane went to Kenya to play the T20 series on August 6. After playing a five-match T20 series in Kenya, he went to play in the Caribbean Premier League in the West Indies. Rohit Kumar Paudel captained Nepal in his absence. Sandeep has said that since he is innocent now, after the match, he will come to Nepal and proceed according to the law.



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