5 Richest Journalist of Nepal

Famous Nepali journalists, television presenters, actors who are well known to the people and who have built their field in the hearts and minds of the people are universally accepted by the people.  There are many who have kept a close eye on the people in their careers. They have been working as the charioteers of the people’s happiness and sorrow.

Has been born in Pokhara, Appil Tripathi is a promising and fearless presenter. Having studied only up to +2, he has become so close to the people at the age of 26 that everyone likes him.  Sally is found to be different. Her work is appreciated by the common people. She has 92,000 Facebook floors. She earns over Rs 40,000 from Gandaki Chadke and over Rs 50,000 from television. Her wealth is said to be between Rs 50-80 lakh till date.

The fourth most popular comedian in Nepal is Sandeep Chhetri, a television presenter, actor and caricaturist.  He earns Rs 60,000-80,000 mentally. His wealth is estimated at Rs 30 million. There are very few people who don’t know him. He has also acted in Nepali movies.
Suraj Singh Thakuri, a journalist, television presenter, actor, director and producer is also in the third position.  Thakuri, who runs the Kantipur program yesterday, has a degree. Thakuri has been earning more than Rs 70,000 mentally. His wealth is up to Rs 40 million. He has gained experience working in many fields in his life.

Durga Raj Dhamla is a journalist who is popular in Nepali society. Her popular name is Rishi Dhamla. Her education is only at school level. She was born in Dhading district on November 12, 2021.  Floler is 147,000. He earns more than 100,000 per month. He has a net worth of 50 million. He has a wonderful ability to ask questions.

Rabbi Lamichhane was born in Kathmandu on September 11, 2031. He entered the world of communication from radio. He has been running television programs continuously since 2013.  Lamichhane has now launched galaxy 4k television. Educated up to +2, Lamichhane set the world record by presenting the longest 72 hours of programming time.  80 million.

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