Police sent Rosie with his brother. Such a process was initiated by promising not to contact the boy

Police have handed over Rosie, who was staying at the house of the boy she met while playing pubs, leaving her two-year-old daughter in the care of her brother. Her husband had come to the media to search for Rosie, who had been staying at the boy’s house for seven days. Rosie was searched with the help of the media. He was found in the house of a boy in Jhapa. The boy is living abroad. Rosie had left her 2-year-old daughter and her husband after falling in love with a boy she met while playing pub.

While her husband and brother were searching, she found him at the boy’s house. Her husband refused to let her go home. Rosie was kept at home by the boy’s aunt who was abroad. At first, her aunt insisted that she not send Rosie home. But after Rosie’s brother and her husband filed a lawsuit against human trafficking, she finally asked Rosie to return.

It certainly sounds unnatural to hear of a boy living abroad. But the boy insisted on not sending Rosie back. The boys were saying that they would keep Rosie in their own house because of their love for each other.
In the early days, Rosie and the boy met while playing pubs. Rosie’s brother-in-law was relieved when a bridge was built between the two of them. Rosie’s brother-in-law had created a comfortable environment to communicate through social media. Because of this, Rosie had the courage to go and stay at the boy’s house. Rosie’s husband said that what should not have happened happened now and begged her to come back home. Rosie refused to return home, even for her daughter. Rosie’s brother himself had asked her to stay with him. But she insisted that she not go with her husband and brother but stay with her mother.

The boy who was abroad was also adamant not to send Rosie back, while his little mother was also insisting not to send Rosie back home. After Rosie refused to go home under any circumstances, her brother and her husband informed the police. When the issue of human trafficking came up, Rosie’s aunt, who had been living in the house for the past seven days, asked her to take her away.

The boy who is abroad has blocked Rosi on social media and has made it a condition not to contact her in the coming days. But Rosie says she still doesn’t believe him. He has no doubt that his own wife will have more contact with him than the boy.

As the incident reached the police, the police have handed him over to his brother.

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