550 kilometers of road collapsed, hundreds of animals died

Due to unseasonal rains, people suddenly lose a lot of money, which destroys millions of dreams that people have decorated. 100 people lost their lives in Pakistan due to such heavy rains, while 57 others were injured. Many people have been displaced due to the heavy rains and floods in the southwestern part of the country.

According to the information provided by the Provincial Disaster Management Committee, 6063 houses have been destroyed, and 550 kilometers of road trucks have been destroyed. As more than 700 animals have died, the province has implemented emergency section 144 for a month. Relief has been provided in the affected areas of the province, while all the locals have been requested to be vigilant. Along with the destruction of the road, the connection with many inaccessible places has also been severed.

In most places, even in terms of disaster, even though it is necessary to take reasonable measures before the problem arises, the sudden events not only the human race but all the animals in the society have to suffer a great loss. If the citizen cannot come out except thinking about how to light the stove in the morning and evening, the government wakes up only after the problem is resolved, the government which sleeps at other times wakes up after reaching the victim for social service assistance and returns with assurances. It is not a new thing that the packages for the farmers are eaten by the flock and the real farmers have to bear the pain all the time.

The package program for those who are always in trouble does not seem to be very effective. The problem of the real victim has never been solved due to the habit of some leaders to straighten their stomach by giving pain to the victim. In different parts of the world, the problem of landslides and floods has been occurring every rainy season for many years. If the land of the landowners was lost, the grain of the farmer planted on the land was destroyed. Most of the farmers fled to save their lives by leaving their crops at home. After the water stopped, the farmers who ran away started to return home, but they are worried about what to eat and how to live at home.

Farmers who do not even have a plan for what to eat are burning with worry. Even though there are three levels of government in each village called the Shih Durbar, it has been proven that the recruitment of party workers has made the ruling more difficult. The government is always kicking the backs of the common citizens because some people eat the relief brought by looking at the real problems of the people. Such problems are always bothering the people, the government is always happy and the common citizens are in pain. It is said that the government that does not stop collecting taxes, no matter how much trouble the people face, does not care about the lives of those taxpayers.

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