7 Amazing Man-Made Structures in the World

The earth is naturally a wonder in itself. Some of the things created by nature are very unique
and amazing. Man-made objects have caused similar surprises. In today’s series we are going to
talk about man-made wonders.

The moon can be easily seen from the earth. But the view on the moon cannot be seen. But it
may seem strange to see things on Earth from the moon. It is said to have been visible from Earth
to the Great Wall of man-made China. Now it comes to when the Great Wall was built. This wall
is not a wall built in ten or twenty years. The length of this wall is 21,196 km. This wall was built
by different kings during the time of different rulers. Construction began in the 5th century and
continued into the 16th century. It is said that some people spend their lives building this wall.
Many may wonder why this wall was built after spending so much time and money. In fact, the
wall was built to protect China from the enemy. It is said that 2.5 to 3 million people shed their
blood and sweat to build this wall. It is a wall made of clay and stone. That is why it is included
in the seventh wonder of the world.

Petra Jordan is also ranked as the seventh wonder of the world. Petra is a historic city in Jordan.
It is built by carving red rock. The city is built entirely of rock. It was built in the 4th century.
There are various buildings. Inside the building, carvings are artistically carved. There is a 128
feet high temple here. Who attracts everyone In addition, there are rivers, canals and lakes. Petra
is built on a hill called Hor. The Namatian ruler established the city as his capital in the sixth
century. Although the devastating quake damaged parts of Petra, it has preserved its historical

Machu Picchu is a historical site in Peru. It was built around 1400 AD. One hundred years later,
the Spaniards invaded and conquered the city, leaving it behind. Even in the 15th century, the
Incas built attractive houses, temples and roofs out of stone with such fine art and skill. No iron
or steel is used here.

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