Therefore, the Dhurmas Santali Stadium project failed

When there was no work from the government in Nepal, they started working by opening many organizations in their area.  The duo, who are involved in the field of Nepali art, have also done an exemplary job for Nepal.  This couple has done an exemplary job.
The Nepali social workers who are in the forefront of helping the people in their happiness and sorrow have protected the lives and property of the people more than the government of Nepal.  Dhurmus Santati, an exemplary couple, had set up a beautiful settlement in Nepal during the earthquake to help the people. The work has not been done by the government so far.
53 houses were handed over to the earthquake victims. It was an exemplary work. It was also the first work done by the Dhurmas Santali Foundation. About 50 million rupees was spent to build the settlement.  After the success, he immediately started cleaning work at Veer Hospital. The foundation, which has been working on various issues in the country, had to face some controversy.  Continuing to give. Later came the figure of about 10 million spent. While working in this way, he also had to face various divisions. Despite various allegations in connection with the work, his journey continued.

After cleaning the Veer Hospital in 2075 BS, the couple left for Chitwan. In Chitwan, they set out to build a world-class sports stadium. A budget of around Rs 3 billion was prepared for the construction of this stadium.  He tried his best but could not do as he was told. In the meantime, he had to raise his hand. While working, the donors could not pay the amount promised.  It has become very difficult to work.He started his work from the Rs 380 million raised from the people. After spending about Rs 540 million on his work, he went into debt for Rs 160 million.  He did not have a small amount of money and could not raise the amount due to Korna. He had to seek help from the government when it was difficult to weigh the money. He had no other choice.  He asked the government for Rs 500 million and said that if he got the money, it would be easier to work immediately.  It happens.

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