99 percent leaders and cadres want unity in UML.

The ruling CPN-UML is playing a kind of foot game. Madhav Nepal and Jhala Nath Khanal have been expelled from the party by CPN-UML Chairman and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli. In this situation, many leaders and cadres are engaged in faction building. However, the CPN-UML has not formally announced the split. However, rumors have been heard that the expelled Nepal and Khanal parties have registered a new party without even being an ordinary member of the UML. While the leadership is squabbling with each other, there is a lot of discussion about the UML’s dispute. According to Gokarna Bista, a Member of Parliament and former Labor Minister, 99 percent of the cadres want to see the UML united.

He said that Madhav Nepal and Jhala Nath Khanal would also play a big role in uniting the party. He said that if all efforts were made, it would not take long for the party to achieve meaningful results. He said that it would be more appropriate for the party to unite instead of advocating for the opposition party Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba. UML leaders Nepal and Khanal have been taken action by the party.

He also stressed that the action should be stopped immediately. Bista said that there was no possibility of party unity if the action was not taken.

UML chairperson Oli, on the other hand, has demanded to withdraw the signature on the issue in the court. Meanwhile, Nepal and Khanal have demanded the withdrawal of the dissolution of the parliament. As the issue of withdrawing both these issues is a difficult one, Bista said that party unity should be emphasized while accepting whatever the esteemed Supreme Court decides. In case the parliament is reconstituted or the parliament is dissolved, the party unity should be given priority keeping in view the self-esteem of both the parties.

Leaders within the UML were not in a position to meet. But he did not know the reason for the disagreement. At that time, formal and informal dialogues were being held on a daily basis, said Bista. At least they have reached the level of dialogue and they are also emphasizing on how to make their position flexible, he said. The only point of solution is the principles and legislation in the policy rules passed by the ninth general convention of the CPN (UML). If it is to unite the UML, there will be no difficulty in achieving meaningful results.

He also stressed that the law and legislation should not be abandoned. For this, every leadership level of the party has to be active. He said that the role of Chairman Oli would also be important. Ninety-nine percent of the CPN-UML leaders and cadres want to see unity in the party and move forward while preserving the existence of the communist movement.

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