So-called criminals and the setting of the crime, directly from the jail to our office – Gandaki Chhadke

Look at the so-called criminals, even the setting of the crime, those who have been released from prison, go straight to the office to get the support of the media, a strange fraud.

The common man has started cheating with the new technology after the common people understood the old fraudulent business so cleverly.  The same thing happens with the middlemen around the office. Depending on the setting, paperwork is prepared and money is withdrawn from other people’s names in a strange way.  It is found that people are imprisoned without even thinking about the possibility of cheating.

The pain of the people who have come to the media to say that the court will not give justice after the release from jail for the crime of banking business is not less.  Ganesh Prasad Poudel, the then head of zonal finance in the west, Shashi Khadka, Tikaram Newrey, Shiva Jaisi and others have made a mess of the people by taking loans by pledging low value land.

Muktiyar Shashi Khadka was sentenced to 6 years in prison and Shiva Khadka was sentenced to 2 years in prison.  Sunita Nepali, who was released from jail after paying the amount directly to the village’s common common bank, has paid Rs 9,780,000, while Birsana Sunar has paid Rs 7,10,400, Susila Sarma, Niru Khatri has paid Rs 9,70,300 and a youth has paid Rs 8,13,200.  There are people who can’t.

They have more property in our name. We will pay all the money in your name. We will pay all the money. Citizenship is easy to trap.  Some of them are still in jail and some of them will be released after coming to Nepal when they are abroad.  People who can’t pay are still in jail.

Instead of reducing the number of frauds, the number of frauds is increasing day by day by adopting new technology. Fraudulent business is not only in Nepal but also from anywhere in the country and abroad.  The house has now changed its technique again. Earlier, it was said that the lottery was to be cashed and the money was to be deposited in the account.  People are being deceived by sending. People are being deceived in this way. People are being deceived day by day by using new techniques.

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