A 21-year-old pregnant woman has been starving in a closed room for two days

During the epidemic, those who eat daily have been forced to eat. A video of the couple has now gone public on social media. Where young women is pregnant. She says she has not eaten for two days. Her husband is also in the video. Asti went hungry for two days, there is no way to save the pregnant wife? He looks very worried.

The pregnant girl says, she has a lot of stomach ache, if she had a little money, she would have bought food. This is the situation now. How to raise a child after birth? I am very worried. She has not been able to eat even two meals during her pregnancy. They are a family that satisfies hunger by earning a daily wage.

On the day we make a meal, we share it with two people. So far, the food in the room is gone. We haven’t had anything to eat for two days, that’s why we called you, how can we live now? He was crying. The doctor has given the date of delivery in the second week of August.

The husband is very worried about not being able to feed his 7-month-pregnant wife. At least he used to earn money by working and feed his wife. I have not been able to work. She says that her husband, who works as a mason in a house building, has stopped his work due to a strike.

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  1. Alisha

    Where is her location and contact number, I would like to help her !

    1. admin

      Hello, we will provide you their number today. Thank you

      1. Anup Baral

        सहयोगको लागि मोबाईल नम्बर- :-9813398186

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