A beautiful country ruined by civil war

Once upon a time, Yemen was full of the beauty of mud skyscrapers. But those beauties have become desolate and ruined due to the civil war. The official name of this country is the Republic of Yemen. The population here is around 30 million. The country ranks 48th in terms of population. In this country, 38.4 percent of the population lives in urban areas and 61.6 percent live in rural areas. The average life expectancy is 66 years.

Yemen has a long history. It is said that this country has been inhabited by people for millions of years. Yemen’s years-long war has destroyed huge historic buildings. The country’s historic buildings were even inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Once economically prosperous, it is now one of the poorest countries in the world. Due to poverty, it is very difficult for the people here to lead a daily life. The snakes of this country are living a life full of struggles even for a meal. This country has become an example of the level to which the civil war has taken the country. Looking at the long-running civil war and the ensuing civil war in Yemen, it is clear. This country is still in civil war.

The situation of women in Yemen is very bad. Women here are not allowed to walk outside showing any part except the eyes. In this country, women are oppressed because of male domination. Northern Yemen became independent from the British on November 1, 1981, and the Ottoman Empire and South Yemen from the British on November 30, 1967. In 1990, northern Yemen and southern Yemen merged to form the Republic of Yemen. With the unification of northern and southern Yemen, the situation in the country was getting worse and worse. The mother tongue of this country is Arabic. Here writing and reading is done in Arabic language. If citizens of other countries come to this country, there may be language problems. Because very little English is spoken here.

Until a few decades ago, this country was known as Happy Land. At that time there was happiness and peace in this country. But now the country is in turmoil due to civil war. At one time, honey was exported from this country to all over the world. The cow’s milk was very famous here. But these things today are limited to the story. Currently, the country exports crude oil and coffee. This has become the main source of income for this country.

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