A child who went missing in 5 years went home after 11 years looking at a Google map

An incident in the life of a 5-year-old boy that has taken the world by surprise. This is Irfan, a 5-year-old boy who grew up in a small village in Indonesia. Although Yin’s family was simple, there was no problem in getting food. Even better, everything Irfan said was delivered by the family and he was growing up in the love of the family. Even though her mother and brother were suffering day and night, they were still eating two sweet meals. Neighbors used to be jealous of their small and happy family.

Irfan was the dearest member of the family. He was also educated in a good school. Her family used to teach her not to do anything that would tarnish her family’s image. Irfan was growing up learning all these things. But fortunately, what you fill in is something else written in his destiny. Which was not even imagined. This is the incident of 2007. That day was as normal as any other. Everyone in the house was busy with their own work. Irfan also went to a video game shop near his house. He was going to return the video game he had bought. At this age, Irfan was not allowed to go out of the house alone. But because the shop was so close, he thought he could go there without letting anyone know. This small decision of his changed everything. He changed not only his family but also his own life.

He was abducted on the way to the store by an unknown person. Then the man took Irfan and hurriedly boarded the train. What did Irfan think at that time? An unknown person and a new destination. On top of that, away from the family. How scary is that moment when you think about it. Not only Irfan, but also the person who abducted him was a stranger there. About an hour later, the two got off the train. That place was very new to both of them.

Irfan was very scared to see the city where they landed. The man who abducted her was named Jahan. Jahan took a room for both of them. That room was in a very smelly place. Jahan started talking in front of Irfan. He told Irfan that he would never be able to return home. Jahan was a showman. So he took Irfan with him and started walking. In this way, he spent 2 years in different cities. One day, Jahan disappears and Irfan is left alone.

A few days later, while Irfan was showing up alone on the street, a man took him to his house. He also dies two years later and the man’s son sends Irfanlary to an Islamic boarding school. From there, Irfan gets his schooling. At the age of 17, Irfan started studying technology in college. At the same time, he started searching for his village from Google. After much effort, he finds his village. Reunion with family.

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