A country laundering black money, where teachers are paid a lot

The Swiss bank is known as the bank where the richest people in the world keep their money. This bank is located in Switzerland, a very beautiful and pleasant country. Switzerland is one of the richest countries in Europe. Spread over 41,285 square kilometers, the country is three and a half times smaller than Nepal. The average life expectancy in this country of 47.17 million people is 84 years. The country ranks 147th in the world in terms of area and 100th in terms of population. This country is located in Southern Europe. The country’s main source of income is the tourism sector. Even though the country is small, it has been successful in keeping the economic situation stable in the world.
The currency of this country is much stronger than other countries. The currency is called the Swiss Franc.

This country is full of natural beauty and is also peaceful. The bank in this country is famous all over the world. As there are many banks in this country, people from all over the world open bank accounts in this country to keep money. Unexpected money is deposited in the bank of this country. This is the country where the money earned by working number two in the world is accumulated. 23 percent of the bank accounts here are foreign. Crime is on the rise in the world, but in this country crime is very low. Liquor can be sold here only till 10 pm. Half of the population has personal guns. Each soldier carries a small knife.

This country is different from other countries in many ways. Foreigners make up 23 percent of the population. Compared to other countries, this country is also very stylish. Due to this, the lifestyle of the people here is very high. With 99 percent literacy, this country is respected around the world for its democracy. The teaching profession here is the highest paid. According to the statistics of 2020, the annual salary of a Swiss teacher is 150,000 US dollars. Also, a lot of leave is given to the teacher.

Switzerland is also known as the country that drinks the most coke in the world. Railway service is available here for a journey of 5,200 kilometers. Most people use the railways for travel. They even use trains to travel from one country to another. The government is also working hard to preserve the beauty that nature has given to this country. The capital of this country is Varna. The historical heritage of this city can be seen here. People from all over the world visit this country as tourists to see its natural beauty.

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