A country where marriage before the age of 18 is punishable by life imprisonment

Different countries have their own policy rules. Some rules may be a surprise to other countries. Honduras is a country with such amazing rules. This country is also a suitable place from the point of view of tourism. In today’s series we will discuss Honduras’ must visit places and interesting policy rules here.

The real name of this country in Central America is the Republic of Honduras. The country is spread over an area of ​​112,492 square kilometers. This country is 35 thousand 24 hundred square kilometers smaller than Nepal. The average life expectancy of the people of this country, which has a population of about 10 million, is 75.5 years. 73% of the people in this country are Christians. 22 percent do not believe in any religion and the remaining 3 percent believe in other religions. In this country, 57 percent of the population lives in urban areas and 43 percent in rural areas. People in this country who pay special attention to their health believe that health is a great asset. That is why the people of this country give special importance to the shape of their body.

The country was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1502. There is only one lake in this country, which is called Lake Yoga. People from all over the world come here to see the lakes and waterfalls. The coffee produced in this country is exported to many countries of the world. Due to the high quality coffee produced, this country’s coffee is loved all over the world. Bananas and timber are also widely exported from this country to other countries. The country was under Spanish rule for hundreds of years. Only in 1821 did this country become independent. Physical structures built during the Spanish rule can still be seen here. Spanish is still the mother tongue of the country as it has been under Spanish rule for a long time. The way of life of the people of this country is still similar to that of the Spaniards.

Even though this country is small, the government of this country has tightened the rules. No one is allowed to smoke in public or in front of others. Strict action is taken if found to be smoking. Also, teenagers in this country are not allowed to get married before the age of 18. If you get married illegally before the age of 18, you will be sentenced to life imprisonment. Children’s Day is celebrated here on September 10 with pomp and circumstance.
In this country, women look older than men. He seems to be active not only inside the house but also outside the office. Forty percent of the country’s businesses are run by women. The Mara Salbhatrachura gang is a very popular gang in this country. This gang has been carrying out acts like kidnapping, murder and looting. Also, many young people here are addicted to drugs.

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