A country with the largest number of caves in the world where even 2% of people do not drink Coke

There are such countries in the world, some of them are amazing because of their natural structure and some of them are amazing because of the rules made by the government. In today’s series, we will give information about a similar country, where the cave is a cave. The name of the country is Slovakia.

The official name of this country is Slovak Republic. Nepal is 3 times bigger than this country spread over 49 thousand 35 square kilometers. The average age of the people of this country with a population of 5.46 million is 78 years. It ranks 118th in the world in terms of population density. A landlocked state in Central Europe, it is bordered by Poland and the Czech Republic to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, and Austria to the west. The mother tongue here is Slobhag. The literacy rate of this country is 100%. It is taught in a scientific way from the school level. Europe’s second largest river, the Danube, flows through the middle of Slovakia. This river is the backbone of the country’s economic income. This 2,850 km long river flows through 10 countries. It is the only river in the world that flows through 10 countries. This river has become a good means of water transportation.

Even 2% of the people in this country do not drink Coke. Instead of coke, they drink coffee. Cofola is produced in neighboring Czech Republic. The winter season starts from the last Sunday of October here. Even though it is not winter, people here wear thick jackets from this day. There are more than 7,000 caves in this country. This country is also called the Country of Caves. When traveling here, you have to go through a cave. As this country is landlocked, there are mountains here. Most of the people in this country consume alcohol. Because it is very cold here. Alcohol is a tradition in this country. At night, the family stays together and drinks alcohol. Red wine is very popular in this country.

The people of this country are fond of cars. One million vehicles are produced here every year. There are two big cities here. The capital, Bratislava, and the city of Kosciuszko often experience heavy traffic jams. The country’s capital borders neighboring Austria and Hungary. The capital is the third richest city in Europe. Generally, women here get married at a young age. Also, women are beautiful and tall.

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