A country with the most expensive house in the world where the whole country takes 45 minutes to travel

The real name of the country of Monaco is the Principality of Monaco. The country is spread over an area of ​​2.2 million kilometers. The area of ​​this country is equal to the area of ​​a ward of Kathmandu metropolis. With an average population of 39,541, the average life expectancy is 89 years. This country ranks 2014 in the world in terms of fertility. One hundred percent of the people here live in the city. But even though the country is small, the lifestyle of the citizens of this country is not less than that of the citizens of the richest countries in the world.

The world’s most expensive games, Formula One and Yasso, are held in this country. It may not be different from the Villiers game. It costs millions to organize this game once. Rich people can be seen everywhere in this country. This country is smaller than Central Park in the United States. Central Park in the United States is spread over 1.31 million square miles, while the country is spread over 1 square mile. Even though this country is small, economically, the people of this country are very rich. The population density of this country is 26 thousand 337 people per square kilometer.

Most people here are Catholics. But it also considers the country as a secular country. With a population of about 40,000, the country has 12,261 billionaires. That is why this country is known as the country with the richest people in the world. None of the people here are unemployed. Thirty-two percent of the people here are said to be super rich. This country does not have its own military, only the police. Since the people of this country follow the rules themselves, there is no need for police. If all education is free here, no goods will be taxed.

It is the most expensive house in the country. People here are strictly prohibited from gambling and tourists from outside are allowed to gamble. There is not a single poverty in this country. This country does not even have an airport. Being a small country, there is not enough land to build an airport. Due to which helicopters and helipads can be seen everywhere. Helicopters are used to get from one place to another. The country can be reached from east to west in just 45 minutes on foot. The casinos of this country are famous all over the world.

The Jardha Exotics here is a beautiful garden. There are all kinds of plants here. The view of the sea from here is really beautiful. The euro is the currency of the country. As some or the other festival is being organized, it is not difficult for the tourists to spend time here.

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