A country with the world’s largest parliament building where guests are welcomed with a drink

Romania covers an area of ​​238,397 square kilometers. Twice as large as Nepal, the country has an average population of 19.1 million. The country ranks 83rd in the world in terms of area and 61st in terms of population. The European continent is bordered by Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine. 54.6 percent of the population lives in cities. However, 45.4 million people live in rural areas.

Romania is a country where there is no tradition of renting a house. 96 percent of the people here have their own house. The remaining 4 percent are forced to live in rented accommodation. Located in Europe, the people of this independent country love their culture and traditions. That is why 85% of the people here speak Romanian, the language of their country. English is rarely spoken in this country. The country ranks high in Europe in terms of development. Even though the people of this country are educated, they are involved in superstitions. There are many black magicians here. People here have a strong belief in spirits and demons.

The Romanian capital, Bucharest, is the fourth most populous city in the European Union after Berlin, Madrid and Rome. The reason for the large population living here is the employment opportunities. People in these countries prefer to do something in their own country rather than work in other countries. Here the flower festival is considered as the most fun festival. The people here also celebrate small festivals openly. It ranks 5th in the list of the most alcoholic countries in Europe. In this country, guests are welcomed with wine. There are paved roads in every part of the country. The country joined the European Union in 2007. Therefore, people from this country can travel to any European country without a visa.

The parliament building in Bucharest, the capital of this country, is famous all over the world. The building is the largest parliament building in the world. The people of this country love flowers so they plant flowers around them. It is very cold here in Hiud and the weather here is pleasant in summer. It has the world’s highest bookstore in the country’s capital. Here you can find all kinds of books in the world.

The city of Brasup in Romania is home to the Dracula Castle. The palace is covered with mountains and greenery. The entire city can be seen from here. This palace is famous all over the world. There are also romantic places to visit such as Bucharest City, Resort of Romania, Rock Sculpture.

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