A dozen local level aerial fires, difficult to calm the crowd

Despite various initiatives being taken for the peaceful conclusion of the local level elections across the country, the election could not be held due to agitation in some places.  In some local levels, the police fired the air to promote the statement.  Clashes erupted between the parties after their party was forced to cast its vote at the polling booths.

Stating that the local level election 2079 was concluded peacefully by the commission, the National Human Rights Commission has responded that the election could not be held peacefully.  Even though old, disabled, pregnant and distant people had gone to the polls one day earlier, the election could not be held peacefully in some places.  After casting his vote in Kathmandu, Mahanayak Rajesh Hamal said: “After casting his vote, it is the duty of the voters to see whether the people’s representatives have acted or not.”  In Kathmandu, only 55% of the votes were cast and the people of Kathmandu were not enthusiastic about it.

According to the Election Commission, there were clashes in 44 polling stations in 14 districts.  According to Election Commissioner Dinesh Thapaliya, the election could not be held due to inclement weather and clashes in some places.  He said that Prachanda was happy to come to the place where he was born and raised to vote, adding that there are rules for winning and losing.  Balen Sah has said that his victory is assured as he also believes in astrology.

In order to make the local elections free from fear, the Election Commission had strengthened various parties, but in some places there was a rift.  Correcting the weaknesses seen in Bharatpur Metropolitan City, the Election Commission has installed CCTV cameras at the polling stations.  The commission has said that the same camera will be installed in all constituencies.  Questions are being raised as to why VMA software cameras are needed that do not match any software.

In the run-up to the 30th of Baisakh, the election was marred by a rift between some leaders and activists.  After the Election Commission has given the election symbol to the candidates on April 3, they are expected to enter the field for 10 days.  Voting was held from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm on April 12, after the election campaign period ended on April 11, followed by a two-day silence period.

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