A female police officer on duty was hit by a truck.

For the safety of the Nepali people, the sun, water, hunger, thirst, not to mention 24 hours working in limited resources, the police have to suffer a lot. When the police who are in the service of the people become the victims, then there are only a limited number of people who raise their voice for the police. In Koholpur, Banke district, a woman police officer on duty was hit by a truck, but no one was seen raising her voice.

The common man, the local man, even when the vehicle inflicts minor injuries, creates a big difference, which causes a big problem for the common man. Kabita Budha, a police constable from Pyuthan, was found dead on the spot after being trampled by a truck. A woman on duty was hit by a truck and died on the spot. Unexpected events happen all of a sudden, which has embarrassed a lot of people.

The branch of the bridegroom’s boat at the site of the road was broken and the truck was hit by an outline inside. When the tipper approached the woman on duty, the policeman tried to flee, but after getting stuck in the scooter, he climbed on top of the tipper. Due to the small mistake of the driver, many people have to suffer because of it, due to the negative thoughts in the minds of many people, the common man also has to suffer a lot.

According to the locals, the driver measured the vehicle and drove away uncontrollably from a distance. Most of the drivers, the common man has to suffer a lot due to wrong habits, the innocent people have to lose their lives prematurely due to the small mistakes made by the drivers. When a tipper driver travels on the road without paying any attention to the person walking on the road, driving the vehicle at high speed, road accidents are found to increase.

According to local eyewitnesses, the woman, who was sitting in a scooter, overturned on the spot and died on the spot. It is said that the on-duty police, while sitting on the site in his scooter, hit the tipper coming from there. Although there were two persons in the tipper, they were reportedly beaten by the police.

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