A friend’s inspiration that music creates a bright future for people

Singer Dharmendra Seban and singer Subani Moktan, who are struggling in the field of Nepali song and music, and singer Subani Moktan, with Suraj Singh Thakuri, director of the program it’s my show, broadcast on Kantipur tv HD, Nepali song music, Nepali artistry, artist’s biography are current topics.

A special debate has been held.  The artists who are continuously struggling in the field of art are there to advance their talent.  Dharmendra has said that he got more love and inspiration from the audience when he launched a new music video that is about to be released in the market.
Subani, who became a judge of Nepal Idol, and Dharmendra, who became the judge of the same self, has now moved forward with a new project.  In the song sung by Dharmendra and Subani, Alisa and Akash said that the acting was done well.  He said that when Nepali music videos are constantly coming in the market, the audience will have a lot of fun and entertainment.
He said that even during the shooting, he did not realize that the time had passed when he was working with his family, but ended the work with entertainment.  Subani said that since she is a fan of Dharmendra Seban, she is very happy to work with him. Now Rima said that she has hidden many arts in him, Subani said that she should work openly according to the wishes of the audience.
Subani has said that since she still has to do her work in many fields, she has to enter the field of Nepali art and keep her inner art open to the audience.  She has been gaining popularity day by day by keeping her inner art easily among the audience.  Being the jewel of the artiste Rastra, she is constantly giving a positive message to the audience through her art.  Music changes the mood of people.  He said that he got happiness by joining the music and the good response from all his friends made it easier for him to walk.

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