A laughing 75-year-old mother who has gone viral on social media

For some time now, a mother has gone viral on social media. There are many ticks in her voice. Many who tickle her voice may not know where she is from. Today we are going to talk about the same viral mother. She is Gyan Kumari Aryal, 75, of Gulmi district.

Gyan Kumari, 75, is good at talking. She is also ahead of singing along with the talk. She has lost her teeth and her speech is a bit slurred. She says she knows everyone from Nepali Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba to Gagan Thapa and KP Sharma Oli and Pushpa Kamal Dahal. She does all the housework, even though she is too old. She cuts grass and does housework. She says she ate up to two dozen bananas at this age. She says that she eats up to 56 bananas at a time during childbirth. She says that she can still eat one mana of ghee at a time. He likes tea very much.

She got married at the age of 7 and became a widow at the age of 23. She used to raise her children alone. She had been hungry for some time. She also says that she has not been able to eat. Growing up with her own grief, she now lives happily ever after. She says that everyone loves her son and daughter-in-law. She also laughs at everyone at home. She says she shouldn’t wear black henna on her white hair. She says that she is still sick and has not taken any medicine in the hospital. Even at the age of 75, she looks strong and energetic. She is very frank in speaking. She is also very interested in giving speeches. He is also interested in politics. She often attends political meetings in the village. She says that her inclination is towards the Nepali Congress. If she was old, she would have stood as a candidate, but now she is old.

She became a widow at an early age and brought home an orphan with her children. She says that she used to work hard at a young age and that is why she raised her children. She says there is a big difference between the past and the present. Along with sweet laughter, she is also in the forefront of singing hymns. But she says she can’t sing other double songs. He loves to listen to the radio.

After her video went viral on social media, she said that even her distant relatives called her after watching the video. She says that she watched the video and was very happy.

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