A man who dug canal for 30 years to save his village in India , Laungi

People have different qualities, some people go crazy in their dreams. No one in the world, no matter what, has any kind of influence on them.  Lunji Munji lived in the village of Katilia in Bihar, India, and his life was not easy for the people there.  There are so many problems in the lives of the people, which has created a situation where people have to leave the village. There was a water shortage in that village too.

The people of that village used to spend as much money as they earned on fetching water from other villages.  Being so far away, it would have been very difficult for the people there to fetch water from it.  When someone touches something, that person is always pursuing his goal without any hesitation in the world. Similarly, Lunji Munji of Bihar was constantly pursuing his goal no matter what man did.

The people were fleeing the village day after day due to water scarcity. When he was about to leave the village, his wife was also missing, but Lunji and his four children were still working. When the village was evacuated, only two or three families survived.  Lunji Sangpani had two options left, one was to leave the village, the other was to face the difficult situation, he chose the second option, the villagers decided to cut the mountain and bring water to the village.  Determined to bring water to the village anyway, he walked alone one morning to dig a canal with a spade and rope in his hand.  Were increasing.

His wife had left him after seeing his work for canal cutting started in the 80’s. He could not do this job a thousand times, so there is hunger.  For him, it was like sticking water in the sand. He used to dig a canal with a spade in the morning, but later he was working in Keti to make a living. The condition of the village was becoming desert day by day due to lack of water.  He was hoping to fetch water from the village one day. He worked hard for two years. He dug a 600 meter canal in one year. It took him two hours to get there and two hours to get there.  He used to spend his time in the field. After a year and a half, the floods came and destroyed the canal he had dug.

As he continued his work even after the break, he was getting closer to his dream. Night and day he was working to make his deserted village a green village. He had started to make his dream come true.  His hard work had brought him closer to success. His dream would have benefited 3,000 people. For thirty years, he had no one to turn to for help.  After two years of hard work, he continued to work even after the floods, fulfilling his dream of eternity. He showed the deserted village as green. After his work was covered by the media, the Indian government began to honor and reward various people.  He said he would not accept any award summons because he worked for the happiness of his village.  They saved lives.

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