A miracle happened to Anita after reaching home

After staying in the hospital for a long time, Anita Khadka, after 3 years, went to Bhairahawa home after the doctor told her that there was no need to stay in the hospital anymore.  After Anita reached home, her health gradually improved after she was able to play in a clean outdoor environment with the love of her parents and family.  Now she is able to speak understandably and has started to use her body parts.

Anita, who was not able to go to her mother’s house on Dasain after her marriage, said that although she planned to go this year, she could not go because of the rain.  She said that she is very happy that her old health is gradually improving.  He said that since his health has improved now, the doctor has happily sent him off and since he will not have to do so many check-ups for 6 months, he has said that he can bring him back if he is in trouble.  Anita’s sister has left her to go and stay at home till ten o’clock.  Binod said that since the doctor gave a good response, he was also happy.  Binod said that Anita was made to exercise excessively to make her walk, and after her health improved, she did not even give so much medicine.

Anita Khadka, who has been in the hospital bed for a long time, came to Medea with her brother, and she said that she cried profusely remembering her previous life.  Although Anita’s brother used to suffer from headaches, she said that it was not that much of a problem.  Any person in society moves forward with the dream of making his life better, living his life happily with various activities, but some people’s dreams remain incomplete and incomplete.  He said that after knowing that Anita was sick, he tried his best to make her well.

Binod and Anita were very happy 34 months ago today, after Anita’s health deteriorated, everyone had hoped that Anita would live, but when her husband Binod tried not to give up, Anita is now able to speak after a long period of treatment.  After her health improves, she will be discharged soon.  The people in the country have played an important role in saving the lives of the people who are in trouble in Nepal, by helping them from their area.  After the success of Anita’s major operation, she is able to speak. For a month, she said that she was fed through a tube because the wound in the pelvis was not fully healed.

Anita, who has been in the hospital bed for a long time, has a successful hard operation on her birthday.  Binod, who has been sad since the day Anita fell ill, for the first time makes a happy face that Anita can speak like me.  On her birthday, Anita had a successful operation on the 15th of December.  When Binod left for Khadka’s work, Anit called Binod saying that he had a headache, Binod also came home soon and took him to the hospital for treatment.  After Samanya’s treatment failed to cure him, he was shocked to find out that it was brain humor when he checked his head. After thinking that his lonely life without him was incomplete, he made a plan to spend his entire wealth on her treatment.

After his health problems started to appear, Binod brought him to the Kathmandu Teaching Hospital for further treatment on the doctor’s advice.  After being treated at Manmohan Hospital, she started needing various things in Kathmandu. Binod, who received good support from home, did his best for Anita’s treatment.  Being a couple who loved each other very much, they got support from everyone in the hospital as well. As the days went by, they started getting more than 1 lakh a month.

After he got the property, he started receiving support from people abroad and at home that such a loving couple should live. Binod constantly gave up all his work to help each other when they were in pain.  Seeing their love in life, all the people started helping them.  Binodaka was equally involved in his treatment from home.  Although people stopped talking to each other, their love grew more and more.  In today’s selfish world, people start preparing for second marriage as soon as their wife gets a little sick.

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