A Nepali old man who collects the history of Nepal even though he lives in the United States, who donates 4 million rupees every year

Vedabhakta Joshi has been living in Lawrence, Los Angeles, USA for many years. The average Nepali is almost nine decades old. As he gets older, his attitude of helping is also increasing. He says that he donates 4 million Nepali rupees every year. Everyone may be surprised to hear him speak. How and why does an old person donate so much? It is natural for the question to arise in everyone’s mind. Millions of people are running day and night to earn the same money. But these old people are walking around donating their money.

According to him, the money given to him by God is donated to others. That is why he is involved in donating for the good work done by Nepalis in the United States. Not only that, his financial support has reached every disaster in Nepal. Last year, while the corona infection was spreading in Nepal, some nights came from his side. He has also arranged scholarships for Nepali students. He says that he has been arranging scholarships for Nepali students for many years. Apart from this, he is sending financial assistance to Nepal in one or another area every year.

One wonders how a 90-year-old man can make so much money. His business might be big. But the reality is very different. He is neither a businessman nor a rich man. He is an ordinary Nepali. Who are living a simple life in America. According to him, he had bought some shares and mutual funds with the money he earned while retiring from his job. Buying and selling the same funds has benefited him. He used to provide the same amount as donation and assistance. He prefers to call this money God-given, since it does not involve any effort on his part. No matter how much he donates, he quietly donates without listening to anyone. He says he has the capacity to donate as much as 30,000 dollars annually. He has also set up a revolving fund. But at present the fund has not been able to operate.

After becoming a homemaker while living in the United States from Nepal, he became the president of the American Nepal Society and the founder of the Association Naples in America. Not only Nepalis but also American citizens were included in the organization.

He has settled in the United States. But he himself has become the history of Nepal. He has kept the Nepali flag and the image of gods and goddesses from Nepal’s Everest. Everything in her house gives the impression of Nepaliness. It really makes you feel at home in a Nepali house. Despite living far away from the country, there is no lack of love for Nepal in the work and behavior of Bedabhakta Joshi.

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