A person who digs a pit for 18 years by the order of God

In the 21st century, most people believe in science. However, there is a lot of interest in gods and goddesses and ghosts. There are also people who sacrifice their lives for the cause of God. Today we are going to talk about such people. Who have been doing the same thing for many years at the behest of God. Two people who are generally considered to be fools.

In 1998, God gave Santiago Sanchez, who lives in Weston San Salvador, a job in a dream. The job was to dig a tunnel. He had to continue the work until God Himself came and ordered the work to stop. He started digging the tunnel the next morning, as God had commanded. He has been digging tunnels from that day till today. He has been digging continuously for 18 years. He never stopped working. He is now 74 years old. He has also not given up his agricultural work. This village of 18,000 people is known by his name. He is one of the few people in the world who has spent much of his time digging. The only reason he kept digging like this was the hope of a reward. While God was giving orders in his dream, he was told to reward him for digging the tunnel. He is still digging every day in the hope that God will reward him.

He gets up at 3 am every day and goes to work digging. He also comes back with some soil while digging continuously. Surprisingly, no one but him could fit in the tunnel he dug. The deeper you go, the hotter it gets. Other people have been wondering how he is digging in the heat. He is still digging. He does not know when God will come and reward him. But he says he will not stop working until God’s command comes.

Bruce Beach, an 85-year-old man living in a Canadian village, also hid a secret that shocked the world. He was an American citizen, and he thought that this could happen to the United States at some point when the United States was raining bombs on other countries. So she came to Canada and got married. He expanded his plan as his wife had good land in the village. No one knew about his plan. The bunker can easily accommodate 500 people. A technical class has also been constructed from the children’s play area. But government officials in the area locked the bunker, saying his work was unconstitutional. He still takes care of it from time to time.

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