A planned complaint against the candidate of the bell

Sidhakura Janata Sanga, a program broadcast by News 24 Nepal, has been addressing the concerns, complaints, and questions of the Nepalese people, and has been raising the problems of the people. In today’s episode, the president of the National Land Commission has shown the issue of propaganda against the rules of the Election Commission saying that land will be given to landless people in the section where Vishwa Prakash won by voting.

Complaints have been filed against the candidates of the National Independent Party one after the other in a planned manner. Rabi Lamichhane, who is contesting the elections from Chitwan, was vandalized by the coalition leaders and workers, and for some time, a petition was filed in the Election Commission to cancel his candidature because he is not a Nepali citizen. Rabi had taken citizenship by fulfilling the rules of the Nepal government when he came to Nepal from America. Rabi has said that he is insecure when people who are campaigning by eating noodles from his pocket attack him by eating alcohol, meat, and rice from the coalition and allowing him to campaign with police protection.

Dr. is a candidate for the House of Representatives in Lalitpur Region No. 3 from the National Independent Party. Despite the second attempt to cancel Tosima Karki’s candidacy, the decision of the Supreme Court has upheld her candidacy. Even though the Election Commission tried twice to cancel the candidacy, the Supreme Court has given an interim order that his candidacy will remain. After the Election Commission canceled her candidature, Tosima appealed to the Supreme Court. She has said that the people are in charge of disrupting the parliament because the election commission once made a decision to disqualify the candidate.

Common citizens who are happily earning their living abroad, who are voiceless, raising questions in the voice of people who have no one to speak and listen to, calling for the rights and interests of the people, the program “Sidha Kura Janata Saeng” is the tears of many sad victims. It has been done. From people trapped abroad, raising questions about injustice in their own country, to giving justice to common people, this program has been raising voices. Raising the voice about the injustices in Nepal, the program was conducted with the people of Sidhakura in order to make the happiness and sorrow of the voiceless people. For the first time, Rabi Lamichhane conducted the program “Straight Talk with the People” by raising the voices of people in different countries, in a state of pain, in the streets, the sad, the poor, the homeless, those who are not well-off, people who have given up hope from all places.

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