A Saili – Tek BC & Samikshya Adhikari. Ft Ansh Verma & Dipika Thapa

The music video of the song “A Silly” in the voice of Tek bc and Samiksha Adhikari has been released from Ansh verma YouTube channel, which has been liked by the audience for a short time. In the music video, starring Ansu Barma and Deepika Thapa, the story of a couple in love is presented, which presents the way in which a lover and girlfriend are presented.

Kanchanpur’s Ansu Verma, who came into the limelight by earning millions from Tiktok, has recently been progressing in music videos along with studies. Ansu Verma, Deepika, Tech BC, Bikram Chauhan have come together on the media and openly talked about their life, TikTok, music and future life. Deepika has said that she is very happy to work on the song “Saili”. He said that since everyone likes Tiktok star Ansu Burma, who has been liked by a lot of viewers in recent times, even though they met in this music video, since they are making Tiktok, viewers will comment by adding their names.

He said that by giving time to Tiktok as well, it has started appearing in music videos. She said that now she has bought a house in Kirtipur with the intention of making Karmathalo Kathmandu. Recently, Ansu Burma, who is going to be seen in music videos, has said that if Tiktok Yap was not available, he would have continued his studies at the same time. Now earning millions from Tiktok, from social services to buying cars, Verma has become an inspiration for many people.

People are playing an important role for social change by changing their lives overnight by using apps. To entertain some and to earn money for others, Tiktok, which is in much discussion, has started to cause many positive activities as well as wrong activities, and now some countries have even put a bandage on it. This app is used a lot for people who want to enter the blackness field, or for people who want to promote something.

Even though many people do not have enough money or knowledge about the business sector, TikTok is considered a very useful tool for the backward people. There are many people who are changing their lives overnight because of TikTok. There are people who lose their lives while spending their time and making videos. This yap, which has become twenty for some and nectar for some, has changed the lives of many people. Even the people who went viral from Tik Tok, are now famous celebrities, the users of the Yap, which has gained a lot of attention in a short time, are increasing day by day.

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