A satire on the subject of Kiran KC wearing a kurta and making a tiktok

Rimal is very busy composing new songs that are emerging in the Nepali music field. She has given her voice in many types of songs. In this connection, she is also preparing to sing with comedian Kiran KC. Kiran, who met for the first time during the song recording, has openly praised the composition. After watching the presentation of the composition in Voice of Nepal, Kiran and his wife say that the composition is very straightforward. He praised Rachna for her melodious voice, rich, straightforward, honest, innocent, speaking the same reality. Rachna is happy to hear Kiran KC narrate her story. He also said that Rachna was like his daughter in Kiran’s eyes.

Kiran KC has composed the female voice in the song she is about to sing. It is also the first song of Kiran and Rachna. Rachna is also considered as an ignorant singer. This is also the reason why he has chosen the composition in the song he sings. He said that he had offered Rachna for the song saying that it would suit the voice of Rachna as it was a family song. Kiran loves the music of Babel Giri and Sambhujit Baskota.

The famous comedian and elder says that he was very happy when he was praised so much. She said that she was very happy to meet Kiran, whom she had only seen on TV. Rachna says that it is not difficult to spend time as he keeps on doing comedy. The lyrics of the song sung by Kiran and Rachna are very catchy. Along with this song, Kiran said that his wife and he would be happy from time to time. However, he says that after losing on his own, there will be no big bang at home. But he says he has never seen Rachna’s parents fight.

Kiran, who is involved in Tiktak, has taken Tiktak as a good medium. But he has strongly protested against making negative ticks. He said that he did not even have to sit with his family to see the negative effects of the ticket. Therefore, he argues that instead of shutting down Tiktak Yap, you should block the bad videos coming on Tiktak. Kiran wore a kurta for some time and made a video on Tiktak. He said that 99 percent liked his video but 1 percent abused it a lot. He says that he made the ticket not only to earn name and money but also for fun. Rachna has 580,000 followers and Kiran has 560,000.

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