A secret room has been found in France that has been closed for the past 102 years.

A secret room has been found in France that has been closed for the past 102 years. The room, which was closed during World War I, was kept a secret. An ordinary French family decided to buy a house in a village called Vanan. With their lifetime earnings, Xanten bought a home and the family moved into a new home. At a glance, the family bought the house, which looked like it was 19th century, with their own capital. There were many rooms inside the old-fashioned house.

The family was overjoyed to move into a new home. They started to see every corner of the new house. But at the same time, the family found such an amazing fact that they were shocked to see the fact. There is also a garden outside the 19th century house. From the garden they could see the window of a room. But they could not reach the room with the window. They then speculated that there was a secret room in the house. In fact, they could not enter the room because the way to the room was blocked by a wall about a hundred years ago. The family was intrigued and suspicious when they found a secret room in the house they had just bought. Curious about what would happen inside the room, they decided to break through the wall and enter the room.

When they opened the room, they saw an unimaginable scene. After entering the room, many were forced to arrive on time. In that room they found the old house sign of the rich man. The house belonged to 22-year-old French Lieutenant Huwer Rosaru. The luggage in the room was talking about Hoover’s time. Suppose that room was a museum. A large photo of Hoover hung in the room. There were also all kinds of equipment that Huver used during the war. On April 26, 1918, while fighting in World War I, Huwer was martyred for the country.

Initially, Huwer’s body was buried on the battlefield, but a few days later he was brought to his birthplace and buried. Meanwhile, Hoover’s parents were devastated by the untimely death of their son. After his son’s death, Hoover’s parents kept his room as it was. The son had left any belongings he had left behind. Later, they put up a wall on the way to the room.

The house was later sold to General Eugene Bridox of France, after Hoover’s parents had to leave the house. But the room will remain closed for the next 500 years. The house was later under government control after the general was sentenced to death. Finally, Eugene’s granddaughter bought the house. The family now keeps the room as a museum.

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