A secret that even a scientist could not discover

Our Earth is a very beautiful and mysterious planet. On this planet, at every moment we can find new things. And when the new things are found then, scientists start to do research on that object. They became successful in finding the real truth of some objects, whereas in some cases they also failed.  

There are many objects and places on this Earth which are still mysterious and even the scientists are in dilemma about the existence and occurrence of these objects. Among these different mysterious objects, Romerstadt Carnuntum city is the one. Scientists are still in a dilemma about the origin and the formation of this city. Second one is Land of Lo Return. It is found in Kenya and those who visited this island have never returned back. According to some people, it is the island of aliens.

Third mysterious one is large footprints. Ain Dara temple found in Seria consists of a large footprint from 3300 years before. But till date, no one can find those large footprints. According to the scientists, footprints may belong to those who had built that temple but common people believe that it is the footprint of the god. 

Fourth one is Disappearance of four sun temples. It is found in Egypt near the pyramid of Egypt. In the past there were six sun temples but with time there are only two. But when researchers do the research on it, even a single piece of the other four suns’ temples are not left behind. And scientists are still in confusion about the loss of the four temples.

Fifth one is the Pyramids in Mexico. Cuicuilco pyramid is the 3200 years old pyramid only left in Mexico among the many pyramids of that period. People are scared to visit this pyramid because it is full of snakes.

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