A settlement destroyed in times of crisis. Lajung peachi

The more you travel in Nepal, the more power comes to your body, and there is a place where you can experience a new place, from where a power is generated in a person’s life. Walking around different places of Pokhara with two guests, Lamjung Peachi village is full of fun and interesting views. On the way, observing the monasteries, the garden, the beautiful flowers, the scenery of natural beauty, while traveling to Lamjung Visme village, a different kind of joy and exhilaration arises in the mind. It adds a different kind of interest to a person’s life and provides energy.

From Pokhara, you can enjoy the view of the lake and mountains by cable car. From Dulegonda Dal Bazaar, it is very enjoyable to reach the banks of Seti river. There is a settlement of Tibetans there. He says that he had to be deprived of The first tunnel in Nepal, which is 4.5 meters high and 300 meters long, can be reached from here to Manang. , Kalme Dada is an area of ​​great religious and historical significance. Enjoy the view of the scenery along the way, as well as the dazzling flowers of Laligurash.

Nepal, a country full of natural, cultural and religious landscapes, has many enticing places in various places, where people, wandering around, lose a thousand sorrows and pains in their heart in a single moment and experience a new life. Developed countries have developed various man-made materials to attract tourists. But since we can’t even manage the gifts of nature made in Nepal, people are not aware of the scenes in many places.

When a person is under stress due to work stress, various other places in his life, he is looking for a place to control his mind, calm, beautiful, green, solitary, life changing place, which can be found in abundance from big cities of Nepal to cities. Do There are places in Nepal where there is greed, where people are left to visit due to lack of publicity.

Geographically, Nepal is divided into three parts, namely Himal, Pahad and Terai, where different types of costumes, languages, cultures, customs, manners are found. When you feel greedy, laughing and joking with people, the people of Gaughar enjoy the moments, which gives a different identity to a person. Although it is a bit difficult to look at the settlements, travel to the developing villages, the water and beauty of the place has given people more power than that.

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