A story of the happy sight of a hunter-gatherer

She has been working in the field of journalism for a long time, known to many people from the common question program prepared by the BBC, in the story of watching conducted by Bidya Chapagai, the place where many people have been decorating their dreams, Dada Pakha has their happiness together with Dada Pakha.

The team of the story to be seen in today’s episode is the hunter’s dwelling in the forest mass with Chitwan on one side and Parsa on the other side, passing through the solid settlement of Parsa district through the postal route. When they reached the forest, people were telling the story of their goats being eaten by tigers.

They left a village in Chitwan and settled here because there is a lot of fish and fish, but now there is a problem with drinking water, and health education and the current generation is facing a lot of problems. Although the dreams of the people who start their journey with a big dream of living in the city are big, the dream of the common citizen is limited to completing their work and moving two miles.

They are rejoicing with Sundar Chahal, moving their lives forward. Even though it is very easy for people who take pleasure in what they do, it is very difficult for working people. Gowhar, Sahar Bazar, and Nayanaya people are involved in the story of seeing the days of pain, happiness, and struggle. It is prepared by the team of the story to watch. The team of the story to watch has brought the real story of people into a similar story.

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