A viral couple who escapes through a window in the middle of the night and marries the police

Shakti Acharya and Bija Acharya, a Salin Mijasilo couple from Kohalpur in Banke district, ran away from home and got married. Shakti, who is working in Nepal Police, Bija’s brother is his friend, so he contacted him through his contact, and after 5-6 months, he ran away and married. She has said that she was prevented from getting married because she thought that she would be able to get married because she studied in the same school and was beautiful.

Bija said that when she talked to everyone and understood that there are good people, she also said that she is close. He said that when they fell in love while studying at school, they got married at that time. He said that since he is not of marriageable age, when he went to school to talk about getting married, when Bija’s brothers saw him, they reminded him to go home alone. Now Shakti is in Nepal Police, Bija has gone viral on TikTok.

A social networking app that is now being preferred by many people. It is increasing its users day by day, surpassing even Facebook, which is number one in the world. Business people have changed their life overnight and some people have been running it for entertainment. People don’t even think about how and when their life will change, just like that Tiktok is known to change people in an instant.

To entertain some and to earn money for others, Tiktok, which is in much discussion, has started to cause many positive activities as well as wrong activities, and now some countries have even put a bandage on it. This app is used a lot for people who want to enter the blackness field, or for people who want to promote something. Even though many people don’t have enough money or knowledge about the black market, TikTok is considered a very useful tool for the backward people.

There are many people who go viral overnight and change their lives through TikTok, while some people lose their lives while spending their time on TikTok and making videos. This yap, which has become twenty for some and nectar for some, has changed the lives of many people. Even the people who went viral from Tik Tok, are now famous celebrities, the users of the popular Yap are increasing day by day.

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