A week later, the main hero who killed Bhupendra by inserting a spear was caught

Bhuvan Badwal was stabbed to death in Chamkichuwa Municipality, Kailali some time ago. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and died on the spot.  At the age of golden age, a man was preparing to go to America with various dreams for his future. He lost his life prematurely due to the betrayal of his friend.  Nobody thought that they would have to.

Police had arrested eight people in connection with the murder of Bhuvan Bhadwal on the basis of a scooter found at the spot.  According to the Nepal Police, the team that attacked Major Ashok Jung of the Nepal Army only two days before that day was also there.  Even though the police knew about it, Bhuvan did not participate in the group.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has sent a two-member team to Tikapur to investigate the incident. A team from the Bureau of Investigation (CBI) reached the spot on Monday.  A black Honda Scooter was recovered from Sapkota by a team from the hospital.

He was killed in Lamkichuwa-1, Police seized a Scooter from the spot.  Mahesh Rawal, 20-year-old Aryan Devkota, 20-year-old Dhiraj Sahi, 22-year-old Kapil Shrestha of Lamkichuha-1, 18-year-old Kisor, Prabin Rimal of Lamkichuha Municipality-3, 22-year-old Rohit Ale and 26-year-old Sohit Sahi were also involved in the incident.

His uncle had requested that you join our gang now. His nephew Baduwal had decided to leave the gang, saying that he would not do wrong anymore, that he would go abroad and do good work.  Bhupendra, who had become a passenger in the companion problem, did not know anything about Nabin’s plan. After seeing Nabin’s entire team, Bhupendra fled in panic.  The incident has spread panic among the people, forcing people to lose faith in each other.

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