“A Werewolf Boy” Explained | Korean Movie

The narrative of presently Lolo (Park Bo Young), a adult female United Nations agency travels to the rural area together with her mother and sister, is told in an exceedingly mythical creature Boy. presently Yi’s doctor prompt the relocation due of his respiratory organ condition. The family finds a wild kid (Song Joong Ki) living within the barn presently once they’ve rapt in. The family takes him in as a result of they need to help, and shortly Lolo develops feelings for the kid.


This was a surprising film in each sense of the word. I can not believe it’s taken American state ciao to ascertain this. Most of the time, 2 hours is not enough time on behalf of me to become endowed. There are, however, outliers with terribly nice films, and A mythical creature Boy is one among those.

Song Joong Ki deserves loads of the credit for this movie’s success. I used to be captivated by his character presently once 1st seeing him on TV. He was proud to be a wild kid with wolf-like characteristics. the tiny details that went into his performance supplemental up to one thing extraordinary. It conjointly speaks loads regarding Song Joong Ki’s performance since he had nearly no dialogue throughout the film. This character came to life via all of his movements, mannerisms, and also the intensity of his emotions. I used to be perpetually curious on what he was thinking and what he supposed to accomplish.

In essence, he develops feelings for presently Lolo terribly presently. additionally to caring for him, she conjointly ‘trains’ him, despite the actual fact that everybody else will. it is also effective. Soon after, Lolo begins teaching him the way to eat, stay still, and even write. he’s given the name Chul Soo by his family within the finish.

Their partnership includes a ton of gray areas. Most of the time, it had been like having a master and a faithful pet, however Chul Soo was a boy, and that i might sense a deeper bond between them. However, i would not stress regarding making an attempt to pin down their connection; instead, merely appreciate it for what it’s lovely.

I had a good time seeing Chul Soo develop and mature, still as presently Yi’s own progress. the nice days will not last forever, of course. It’s heartrending to ascertain Chul Soo repeatedly defendant of wrongdoing. the actual fact that he’s ‘what’ he’s complicates matters even additional. most of the people have create mentally notions regarding him, whether or not favorable or unfavorable. he is battered despite the actual fact that he is done nothing wrong.

The a lot of Chul Soo tried to help, the more serious things seemed to become. heartrending scenes abound throughout the film’s last third. albeit Chul Soo adores presently Lolo, he is forced to escape thanks to the individuals around him. once it becomes necessary for presently Lolo to separate from Chul Soo for his safety, she should say associate emotional goodby. that is once he says, “Don’t go.” heartrending.

And wow, the ultimate few scenes had American state in tears. presently Lolo and Chul Soo finally meet once more once fifty years apart. He hasn’t aged associate iota, however she has. What very gets below my skin is however with patience he waited all those years for her. And once she comes back, he is joyful. he’s joyful to satisfy her and cannot wait to share what he has learnt together with her and tell her that she remains gorgeous. What a scene this was.

Werewolf Boy could be a straightforward, earnest story with some gorgeous representational process. These roles were delivered to life bright by the performers. If you haven’t seen it nevertheless, I powerfully counsel it.

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