Aajako Rashifal Saun 20 || August 05 2022 || today’s Horoscope Aries to Pisces

Aries (chu.che.cho.la.li.lu.le.lo.a)

Aries natives will benefit from business today. Your plan will be successful only with the help of family. It would be best to leave for the trip only after sunrise. You may benefit from travel. Before the journey, one should walk only after taking the blessings of the elder and best member of the family.


Today’s business may not be as expected for the people of Taurus, so it is important for you to be positive. A new plan of action can be formed when meeting someone older than you. Visit a temple. There may be loss of money, so please take precautions. It would be best to remain silent today.


Family and relatives may make many accusations against you. Time will be difficult, disappointment may arise in the mind. Therefore, today you will be happy only if you work with positive thinking. Disputes with family members and other members on this day can also cause harm. Going out of the house today will not be so beneficial.


Cancer natives should not argue and fight on Saturday. If you have a dispute with someone today, both you and the person who is arguing with you may be harmed. If you travel, there will be unnecessary expenses. Go to the temple area and donate food and clothes to a hungry person. Worshiping Lord Shani will be beneficial.


Financial support will be received from relatives today. You will be enthusiastic today. You can get happiness in married life. There will be support from relatives and friends. New plans can also be made from travel. Please proceed with the work only by watching the sunrise in the morning. It will be best to have a sweet meal with the family.


Because of you, your relationship with your relatives may get damaged. You will get success from studying and teaching. Success is achieved by working with women. Please donate some food and clothes to the little girls. Shivalaya Yatra will give you peace of mind. You should not insult anyone.

Libra (ra.ri.ru.re.ro.ta.ti.tu.te)

Today your journey will be functional. If you have started any work, work diligently to complete the work. You will be interested in art and creative work. There may be conflict in the family or with women, so if you do something profitable today, it will be beneficial.


Try not to argue with anyone on this day. You will only be harmed by disputes. There is a possibility of financial expenses. There is a possibility that there may be unnecessary expenses today. If you spend time doing household chores today, it will be good for you.


Today will be the day you think about. There will be support from relatives and family members. So today you will also get respect today. Do social and spiritual service work. You will get positive energy from social activities.


A trip to temples and shivalayas will fill your heart with joy. You will get respect from the work you have done in the past. Work with positive thinking. Unnecessary accusations may also be made for you. Therefore, there is a need for time today. Please continue your daily work. Don’t do things that cause controversy. Watch the sunrise in the morning.

Aquarius (Gu.Ge.Go.Sa.C.Su.Se.So.D)

On this day, reaching the temple of Lord Shani, you will have positive thoughts. There will be happiness and prosperity in married life, it will be best to get blessings by giving gifts to the elder members of the family. If you donate some food and clothes to small children, you will be happy in your heart. Chanting the mantra of Lord Shani will also benefit you. Silence will be good for you.


Spending time on studying and teaching today will be beneficial for Pisces. In the morning, watch the sunrise. Spend time on housework. Give time for social service and meditation. You should start studying new books and creative writing. Meditation and chanting on this day will increase spiritual power.

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