Aakash Shrestha received gold as a gift when he turned 29 years old

Aakash Shrestha, who is enjoying the Nepali music video and film industry, received gold as a gift when he turned 29 years old. Despite various struggles, Akash, who was moving his steps forward, was sometimes drawn into conflicts. People who came to celebrate Akash, who was in a getup like a bridegroom on his birthday, asked him when it was going to be his birthday, and asked him questions.

On the occasion of his birthday, Akash helped the poor and sad victims. At the birthday party, Akash and his relatives had fun with the actors. He said that he got away from his friends on the occasion of his first birthday. He said that since he was away from his family, he was praised by all his friends after leaving the family. He said that he is very happy because his friends love him so much.

Akash, who does other work only after talking to his mother when he wakes up in the morning, said that he is preparing to get married after the time is up. He said that due to various ups and downs in life, his work has been carried forward. He said that when birthdays are celebrated, we remember all the family, friends, and brothers, and remember the various things that have happened in life. Akash has said that he is constantly working to make every moment of life special and the best.

Akash said that no matter what some media write because the audience prefers them, they will continue to work as two wheels of the same car. The two said that they have a close friendship, even though sometimes they cannot talk because of the stress of work and they are working separately. Akas Shrestha is a Kalakar who has been continuously fighting in the field of Nepali Kalakarita.

If the music videos and movies acted by Akash do well, the movies and music videos in which he acted also get good responses in the market. Shrestha, who was engaged in the field of Nepali Kalakarita, once got a lot of attention for his work. Akas has said that they have always been close and the media only made small differences bigger, but he said that the relationship did not break as the audience thought. There is a lot of difference between a person looking at something closely and from a distance.

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