Aanchal dieting caused stress and he was admitted to the hospital

Famous actress Keki Adhikari and Achal Sarma are getting ready to enter the hall after the marriage of the two heroines. The shooting of the movie Git in Srikali Chaur is shown in the village house environment, in which the Nepali village seeks to show the reality of the environment. Keki is portrayed as Jethani and Achal as Deurani in the film, which is set in a Nepali village environment.

Although she was thin during the shooting of Achal movie, now she has said that she is thin when she hits two scenes of the movie. The heroine, who has been struggling in the field of Nepali art for a long time, is reaching the pinnacle of success day by day due to her talent. Keki Adhikari, who is secretly married, is ashamed that she would be ashamed to talk about her marriage. Lately, the issue of secret marriages of heroines has become very viral. In the past, artists used to get married with great pomp, but now it has become a common practice for some artists to have secret marriages in a way that affects others in the society.

He said that Keki used to talk about marriage only in many places these days. He said that the release of Bhadai Ko Last is in preparation for the movie, as Tim is involved, and now they are constantly moving forward. Although Achal did not invite Keki to the wedding, she said that they did not invite them because Keki was secretly married. After a long struggle in the field of Nepali music videos and movies, the actress, who has reached the pinnacle of success, said that the two have a good friendship, adding that they have worked together on many projects. An artist who conveys a message from her talent to the society, respecting her profession, says that she is always moving forward with success.

Through Nepali music videos, actresses Keki Adhikari and Achal Sarma, who have emerged in the film industry, have been getting success in one talent after another. In the joint presentation of the artists who have been in the minds of the Nepali audience, a new video has been made, in which Keki Ki Deurani is seen as Achal. The actress, who has played an important role in the field of Nepali art, is struggling day by day in her profession after marriage, which is leading her towards success. He said that the couple, who were seen in the film as Deurani Jithani of the same family, made an agrarian film by including the family story Betha.

She said that the cake made by Chanchal after her marriage was inspired by the support of her husband Parda in all her activities. Although marriage is a language at first, then it is found that people are given more responsibilities to work responsibly. She said that the film, which was shot three years ago, is now being fully prepared and the work of making the music video public has started. As the film’s team is working on the promotion, the film will be released soon, he said.

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