Aanchal Sharma shocked to meet sick Nisha Ghimire

Health condition of model and artist Nisha Ghimire, who is undergoing treatment at Norvik Hospital, is improving. According to her father Prem Ghimire, her health has improved a lot since Nisha started treatment again. Aanchal sharma visit her at hospital for her better health and better future, Nisha even try to speak to aanchal Lets have a look:

Nisha was involved in a road accident three and a half months ago when she arrived in Dehradun, India to study modeling. He was brought to the Trauma Center in Kathmandu after receiving first aid in Dehradun.

Prem said that Rs 3 million has been spent on her daughter’s treatment so far. Megha Chaudhary, director of Norvik Hospital, has rescued her from her home and is treating her in Norvik free of cost.

Nisha, who started her modeling journey from the video of Teej’s song, had acted in more than three dozen music videos. She also acted in the film ‘Madheshiputra 2’ and the telefilm ‘Dear Zindagi’.

Fundraising for the treatment of addiction is on the rise. She has received Rs 51,000 from the Filmmakers’ Welfare Fund under the Film Development Board, Rs 25,000 from actress Karishma Manandhar, Rs 10,000 from actress Regina Upreti, Rs 22,000 from actress Usha Poudel in the US, Rs 10,000 from Prakash Thapa and Rs 20,000 from the Nepal Music Video Artists Association.

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