Aanchal-Udeep couple love, Aanchal wrote a letter to her husband during the program

As soon as the actress Aanchal Sharma got married, the fight started. After marriage, she spent most of her time with her family. She also used to post on social media with her husband. She enjoyed social media because of her free time at work. Aanchal, who became public for the first time after the end of the lockdown, said that she was more relaxed and open from the inside after her marriage.

Anchal, who used to go to the gym during the lockdown, eat her favorite dishes and spend time with her family, started enjoying filming music videos after the lockdown opened. She has started working on a music video with Dayahavgang Rai for the first time.

This is their first pairing. Aanchal has been praised by her fans and relatives for looking more beautiful after her marriage. Aanchal says happily – ‘Many fans ask me how my face got brighter after marriage. I feel the same way. ‘

Aanchal believes that if her heart is happy, her face will glow. She said shyly, “Maybe I’m happier after marriage.” With Udipaji, I have brought enthusiasm in my mind. Maybe Udipaji Maya has seen the fans shining on my face. ‘I am also happy now.

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