Aankho Dekhaidis by Durgesh Thapa | Feat. Aliza Gautam

A new song starring famous actress and model Alija Gautam and Durgesh Thapa has hit the market. Popular model Durgesh Thapa has been caught by the police. He is in police custody after a scuffle with his girlfriend. He had reached this stage because of his girlfriend who loves him.Watch this full video

Police arrested Durgesh after a scuffle broke out between him and actress Elijah Gautam. But all this is limited to Durgesh Thapa’s new music video. Durgesh Thapa himself has done the words and music in the song. The song, which was released through Durgesh Thapa’s other YouTube channel D-Series, features a special story about the aftermath of a divorce.

Durgesh Thapa and model Alija Gautam have also undergone a facelift. The video is directed by Shiv Bik. The role of Shiv Bik can also be seen in the video of the song. The video edited by Milan Bik is excellent. Congratulations to all the song team.

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