Abhay First Night – Audio Novel Book – Part 1

Saigrace Pokharel is a storyteller who rose to fame by leaps and bounds looking for more astute stories. He is emotional with a little thick and wobbly voice. He is overwhelmed by love through various platforms. “A social story teller pokharel is a native of Kathmandu but is currently living in Barcelona, Spain. He tells the story of a common man and woman in a very simple and charismatic manner. His stories focus on social issues and human values. As a result, his audios have been listened to by nepalese peoples of all ages residing in the different parts of the country. His fiction and non-fiction audio novels are very famous.

Apart from the storyteller he was also working at the administrative office under the ministry of health. He was fond of writing poems, songs and other creative arts since his childhood period but in 2012, Sri sathya Sai International Organizations, Nepal helped him to explore his innate talent of story telling by praising his job . After that he never looked backward and continued his passion of storytelling. He is also interested in filmmaking and according to him unless a film carries a good story there is no chance of good success of the movies only through the world’s best camera.

In this episode, he is telling the story of one beautiful lady from kathmandu. She is a BBA graduate and is working in an Insurance company. Pushpha Sanjel is the scriptwriter of this audio novel. She is in love with a boy named Vusad but she couldn’t tell about her love affairs with her family because Vusad is from a different caste and her family will not accept him at any cost.

 So, at Mangsir 7 with the due respect of parents she gets married with a boy named Avay. As Avay is not her choice but she has accepted the choice of her father. Avay is a doctorate from Russian university. All the marriage rituals are done with customs and traditions. During the first night, she was very afraid as the boy Avay was near her. Though she doesn’t want any relation between them but as there is a one saying “sometimes material happiness wins the true love” physical relation exists between them. 

She came out of that room and cried a lot. She remembered her first love so she called him at midnight. After many attempts, Vusad finally picked up her call and talked to her. His voice is shivering and in a low pitch. They both talked a lot and shared their sorrow with each other. Vusad congratulated her for her newly married life and also said that he will never forget her in future. 

After a long conversation, she cut off the phone call and headed towards her room. But at the same time, her husband Avay came to the balcony and asked about the phone call and without any fear she said it was with his first love, Avay and also said that she still loves him and cannot forget him. Avay was in pain listening to her words and said that he cannot win her heart and asked to call her again but at this time the phone was picked up by another person and the lady got shocked. In this way, the story ends.

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